We Value Performance Opportunities.


Each year, we host in-house Christmas Demonstrations, a Nutcracker Performance series, participate in competitive events, and provide multiple Spring Performances in May.  We strongly believe that performance opportunities help to build confidence and stage presence within our students.  In addition to these performances, we will incorporate charitable driven events to help build positive relationships among the students, parents, and staff at Variations.

Though the beauty of performance is breathtaking, most of the magic happens behind the scenes.  The moments where we see students grasp concepts to improve their movement quality or simply challenging each other to strive to their fullest potential as a team.  Our team interweaves the discipline of dance with an uplifting environment to help each dancer reach their fullest potential.

Our studio is also the only studio in our area that produces an annual Nutcracker performance series within our curriculum.  We strongly value the classic tradition of dance while challenging them with work that reflects the versatility of the ever changing art form in an age appropriate setting.  


A holiday classic

The Variations Company program offers students with further performance experience as members participate in both the Variations' Nutcracker series and the Graceful Gift benefit show. Variations is the only dance program in the area to include Nutcracker within their yearly training program and technique classes.